Banshee Dinghy Sailboats

The Banshee Dinghy is fast!

Are you ready for one of the fastest rides that is possible through the power of the wind? The Banshee Dinghy is right for you. It is quick , light and slick. The sail to boat is the perfect proportion to guarantee ultimate speed. You definitely will have the time of your life with this sailboat.

The Banshee Dinghy Sailboat Info

Banshee Dinghy Specifications

  • Weight: 120 Lbs.
  • Length: 13 Ft (4.0 m)
  • Sail: 90 Square feet
  • Material: Lightweight Carbon Fiber
  • Mast: Cat-Rigged
  • Comfortability: B+
  • Speed: A+

The Banshee Dinghy is built for speed and racing. People compare it to the laser but much more comfortable. It has a large sail and cat-rigged mast that allows for maximum wind speed and power. The lightweight materials and thin width allows for maximum speed. Two people can fit on the dinghy but traditionally only one person rides the Banshee because of its race use.

People love the Banshee dinghy because it is fast but also comfortable. The laser is an extremely competitive racing boat but it is not comfortable or ideal for longer treks. The Banshee is the Arabian horse to the laser Quarterback. Extremely fast but also built well enough for the endurance racer. If you’re racing more than just a simple than a single lap around a pool then the Banshee will is what you need.

You will also be able to move around after the race unlike the much in-pain laser racer.

The history of the Banshee dinghy sailboat begins with Richard Reid in 1969. He had been building Flying Juniors and winning races. He started to play around with the model but still using the hull as the base. He began working on the Banshee and distributing the boat in San Jose and Foster City CA. He raised Venture Capital funding for a mass market release and now you are able to get your favorite Banshee Dinghy Sailing boat.

Want to build your very own Banshee Dinghy Sailing Boat?

The Banshee Dinghy is a very mature and has a strict class specification. There is a little room for flexibility but you also must stay within the class. If you want to build your own Banshee Dinghy then you must be licensed under the Banshee Class Association. Only licensed boats are able to participate in organized races and sold on the open market. You can find out more by going to the Banshee Class association

Banshee Sailboats for Sale - Official Class Page – eBay – Google Shopping

Banshee Dinghy Pics

Banshee Dinghy sailboat
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